Re: MR plans from disk.

Tony Thompson

Dave Snyder wrote:
Gentlemen, I suggest you look at the lifespan on the CD/DVD disk formats. I initially was quiet taken by their ease of use and zooming and scanning qualities. Mass produced commercial disks can last as little as three yrs and as much as 8 yrs. More expensive grades can be had at greater cost of course. Wikipedia has some good info on them. I still like them for ease of use, but dropping $50 or so for something that won't last 10 yrs in a lot of cases dampened my fascination.  And I'm sure glad I didn't dump my hard copies.

  Not sure where your information comes from, Dave, but I think you are confusing pressed DVDs with burned ones. The former have quite long lives, unlike the dangers of burned ones which rely on a dye layer. Any such media are at risk of degradation, and the prudent thing to do would be to copy them after several years (or now, as a backup). You could also read them onto an external hard disk, which if only spun up when transferring data, can have quite along life. But nothing is entirely safe, and if you get dampness or silverfish into your magazines, they ain't bulletproof either.
    If you doubt what I say about disk life, feel free to Google it.

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