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Keep in mind that all of the C&BT dies were hand cut.  They are not computer laser cut as today's dies are.  The dies for the bodies, ends and roofs were cut by a talented die cutter.  Unfortunately he died before completing the detail parts.  His son attempted to finish the detail sprue molds but simply did not have the same level of ability as his father.  In addition to the complaints, Dick received some bad advise from a number of highly regarded modelers recommending he trash the separate parts as this was not the wave of the future.  He followed this advice and had the details cut into the body, end and roof dies to the extent possible.

Dick was also the first as far as I know to add colorant to the plastic pellets so that the color of the plastic matched the color of the car.  Scrap the paint from a C&BT car and the plastic will be the same color as the paint.

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       Not sure why all the criticism of these cars. The bodies are largely quite well done. I have said for years, "just throw away all the detail sprues and replace with quality parts," and would still say so. I don't have any of the cast-on parts cars, so am talking about the original, add-the-details cars. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I knew Dick Schweiger, and I can attest to his fine model-building skills. He completely understands what is involved, but simply could not find a mold maker who could do what was needed. He did indeed get tired of the complaints about the quality of details, which is why he went the cast-on route. I see lots of abuse here on that score. Can you say "Accurail?"

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