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Hello Mr. Guillaume:  I would be interested in seeing the NYC boxcar that you made.
If you don't mind, please send me a photo or two of it to my email: westerfieldmodels@...
Thank you,
Andrew Dahm
Westerfield Models

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I doubt that many people ever did this, but I did combine body and roof parts from two Westerfield kits to make one NYC boxcar that Al never offered.  It turned out rather well although no one who has seen the model has ever asked me about it, probably because it is too esoteric a prototype.  Hugh T. Guillaume 

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 I understand what you are saying, but if you look back through the NYCSHS Central Headlights over the last many years, you will find articles with all sorts of details for the modeler and most of the NYCS equipment. 
 What is happening is that fewer and fewer modelers are interested in building from scratch.  I know that all of you are totally dedicated to that, but as the editor of the NYCentral Modeler I cannot find anyone interested in writing about scratchbuilding or even kitbashing NYC models.
 I would welcome any contributions from any of the many fine modelers in this Group to write an article or two about their NYC modeling.  Just let me know if you are interested and I will send you some of the materials we have available to help potential authors.
 I can't publish it if no one writes it.
 Thanks, Noel

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Noel Widdefield wrote:
"The NYCSHS is no longer Byzantine.  We have made several changes over the last two years and I think you would find that we are now in the business of helping modelers.  Check out our website http://www.nycshs.og/  You will find that we have published several editions of an online NYCentral Modeler magazine and have offered several new NYC models and have several more in the pipeline."
Noel, these efforts are certainly steps in the right direction and are defintely appreciated.  However, one of the things that would help the hobby the most is effort directed towards "big picture" projects such as ones that would answer the questions that I asked in my previous posts - what do modelers and manufacturers really need to know about modeling the New York Central System?  These are admittedly not easy projects, and it will take concerted effort by people who know what they are doing to get them right.  Right now, you're only bumping along the edges of the iceberg.  For examples of what I mean, see the Elden Gatwood's articles on gons, Bruce Smith and Elden's articles on flat cars, and my articles on boxcars in earlier issues of The Keystone Modeler, and PRRT&HS flat car and gon books.
Ben Hom

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