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In a variety of books and online sources, D. K Retterer was credited fro photographs from the Standard Steel Car Company, Pressed Steel Car Company, and Middletown Car Company collections.  Some time ago, I tried to discover the current status of the man and his collection of photographs, and first heard on some forum that he had passed away, but subsquently was told he was still alive and well.  I have not gotten around to trying to contact him, but I beleive his address is in Marietta, GA.
Wayne M. Dzwonchyk 

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There are a number of early photos that I donated on the NMRA Kalmbach Library site. Unfortunately they are not identified as such but are under the CJ Riley collection.

CJ Riley
Bainbridge Island WA

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You might talk to Singer, I think Greedy might know.
John are you out there?
Greg Martin
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Does a Pressed Steel Car Co.  photo archives exist, is it accessible, and does anyone know where it's at?

Dennis Storzek

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