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               Very interesting, and well-researched, as usual.  It is interesting that the majority of the traffic was shipped in 8K gal tank cars, which I infer were single-compartment cars.


In my case, I don’t model a source of linseed oil, but I do plan to model a destination.  The Great Western Paint Mfg Co. was headquartered in Kansas City, MO (in the West Bottoms) and served by the UP.


               For those listmembers who may also have a paint factory on their layouts, the brochure at the following link contains (on pp.22-23) info on the paint manufacturing process in the late 1920’s.  I imagine [please correct me] that the process was similar in the 1950’s.








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Good Afternoon All,


I gathered some information about linseed oil to support modeling part of that commodity flow as through traffic across my layout.  The majority of rail shipments of linseed originated in Minnesota and terminated at end use facilities located across most of the U.S.  Those interested can find the post here:





Charles Hostetler

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