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Steve and Barb Hile

For what it might be worth, the Rock Island had 250 Seley hoppers, 89750 – 89999, but they were gone before WWII.


Steve Hile


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The photos get stripped - please do upload these to the photos section so we can see them


The problem we face with such a prototype is that Seley hoopers were a style of construction rather a single design like say USRA cars were. No two designs were sufficiently alike for me to see much commonality in tooling between the various roads that had them.


I don't regard myself as knowledgeable about the Frisco cars except to know they had some.


SOU had three different designs, each slightly different. The version that lasted longest (into the 1960s) is the 1920s built cars offered by F&C in resin, but making the early cars from these would involve some quite extensive kit-bashing - for example some had wooden ends rather than steel. These are nice little kits and a good introduction to building flat pack hoppers. F&C also do some D&H cars.


I presume the M&O cars had common origins with some of the SOU cars, but haven't looked into them at this stage. M&O was controlled by Southern until the 1930s and some locomotives passenger and freight cars were built to Southern designs. For example the modified USRA light 2-8-2s were built to the same design as the AGS and CNOTP versions , and of course there were 36- and 40-foot SU boxcars and a few 66 foot passenger cars as modeled by Rivarossi.  





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Hey Ben,


In my original post I included photos of some of these cars so I don't know if you saw them or not.


Railroads that I know of that had Seley hoppers: N&W, SRR, M&O, Frisco, D&H.




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