Re: Most needed car? (Seley hoopers)

Ray Breyer

The problem we face with such a prototype is that Seley hoppers were a
style of construction rather a single design like say USRA cars were. No two
designs were sufficiently alike for me to see much commonality in tooling
between the various roads that had them.

Hi guys,

I've been interested in Seley hoppers for a while, since like 36' double sheathed boxcars and all-wood gons, they're something that the average pre-Depression era modeler needs a few of. Aidrian's right though: in general, there were several different varieties of these hoppers running around, which makes marketing a model of them difficult.

But there weren't ALL that many types. I need to do an in-depth examination of the car type, but just by looking at the data that I could find last night, they can be broken down into four general "types": D&H, N&W, Southern and SAL, The D&H and SAL cars seem to be unique to those roads, but in general, the N&W and Southern cars were copied by everyone else. Details and dimensions changed, but the overall "look" of the vast bulk of these cars mostly fall under those types.

As a topic-stretcher, here's what I was able to come up with as a quick & dirty Seley hopper roster last night:

AB&A - 250 (to ACL)
B&O - 3000
B&M - 100
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. - (unknown)
C&O - (unknown)
Coal & Coke Co. - 275
Cumberland & Pennsylvania - 1500
Deepwater - 500 (to Virginian)
D&H - (unknown; thousands)
Fairmont Coal Co - 1700 (to B&O)
GB&W - 25 (from Virginian)
Island Creek Coal Co. - 200
L&HR - 500
L&N - 250
M&O - (unknown; to GM&O)
NC&StL - (unknown)
Norfolk Southern - 50
NYO&W - 1350
N&W - (unknown; thousands)
RI - 250
Sandy Creek Coal Co. - 300
SLSF - 500
SAL - 300
Southern - 4,600 (also AGS and CNO&TP)
TStL&W - 45 (to NKP)

And here's a few railroads thay MAY have had Seley-type hoppers, but which will require a bit more digging:
Buffalo & Susquehanna
C of Ga
These roads may well have had all wood cars that at a glance "kinda sorta" look like Seleys (by definition, a Seley hopper has to have steel channel outside bracing).

Hope this helps,

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

(as a personal preference, I'd be happy with styrene models of the modified D&H Seleys and with the N&W's HG or HH class cars. Those two have the best chance of selling to the Great Unwashed, and cover the largest groups of cars)

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