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Guy Wilber

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The data I have indicates that in 1952, the AAR withdrew the recommendation (not requirement) of the lines, and numerous roads using them promptly stopped. But Guy Wilber, who has documentation, says he cannot find support for that date. SP stopped using lines in 1952.
IF, the AAR had removed the 1" bars from within the lettering "Standards" in 1952, there would have been no reason to visit the issue in 1957 when the bars were officially removed from the "Standards" within the AAR's Manual.
Quoting from the Car Construction Committee report from 1957:

"Some of the member roads and others have registered complaints to the effect that certain car owners have not been following the stenciling requirements for freight cars as outlined on Manual pages L-37 to L-39D. 
Some of these complaints indicated that the full name of the railroad has been shown in lieu of reporting marks (car initials) and other complaints were to the effect that the bar to be stenciled below the reporting marks was not used. 
Your committee has investigated this matter and developed information indicating that the bar shown below the reporting marks serves no useful purpose at the present time.  It is recommended, therefore, as a letter ballot item, the Manual pages entitled "Lettering and Marking of Cars" starting on Manual page L-37 be revised to eliminate the use of bars in the stenciling of reporting marks."
The letter ballot was passed with no negative votes and became effective on March 1, 1957.
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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