Re: Lead shot in flat cars

Richard White

If you are using lead in any form to add weight to cars (or locomotives) be very careful about using white (PVA) glue anywhere near it as the acetic acid from the PVA can react with the lead and cause it to swell with potentially disastrous results. The smaller sizes of lead shot seem to be the worst offenders, doubtless due to a larger surface area.
I live in Botswana - a dry country - and in the driest part - and have gotten away with it but people living in moister climates have had serious problems, leading to severe damage to valuable brass kit- and scratch-built locomotives and to cars of all descriptions.
Some petroleum based gluescan cause similar problems.
Resin glues as advocated by Chad Boas seem to be safe.
Take care, good luck and happy modelling
Richard White

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