Re: Lead shot in flat cars

Don Burn

Think about a tungsten sheet (they are available on Amazon), they weight 1.7
times lead.

Don Burn

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true, but atomic numbers are not a good indicator of density.
lead is 60% heavier by volume as reported by others and that's what i was
too lazy to look up myself... :-)

Sometimes I may need some really thin weight and I'm interested in that .020
zinc sheet. A penny is almost 3x as thick as that and the thinnest lead
sheet is half again as thick as the thin zinc.

Tim O'

At 10/26/2013 10:18 PM Saturday, you wrote:

Look at the periodic table. Zn has an atomic number of 65.38, while
Pb has an atomic number of 207.2, so lead is a lot heaver then zinc.

Nelson Moyer

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