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There seems to be a lot of confusion about the name, but I believe the correct name is the "Sunday Creek Coal Co." not the "Sandy Creek Coal Company". These cars were numbered into B&O series, but lettered for the Sunday Creek Coal Co. These "Seley" clones were assigned class N-11 by the B&O and the class was assigned to the hoppers for the Fairmont Coal Co.

Also you maybe counting the cars twice. The one equipment diagram for the B&O class N-11 I have lists 1980 cars in the series 130020-131999 with the cars number 130020-131699 coming from the "Fairmont Coal Co. originally numbered 3000-4699, and car numbers 131700-131799 coming from "Sandy (sic) Creek Coal Co." numbered as at present (i.e. the same numbers).

Hopefully this information will help clarify your rosters.


Bob Witt


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C of Ga    < The Central didn't have these.
Todd Horton

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>The problem we face with such a prototype is that Seley hoppers were a
>style of construction rather a single design like say USRA cars were. No two
>designs were sufficiently alike for me to see much commonality in tooling

>between the various roads that had them.

Hi guys,

I've been interested in Seley hoppers for a while, since like 36' double sheathed boxcars and all-wood gons, they're something that the average pre-Depression era modeler needs a few of. Aidrian's right though: in general, there were several different varieties of these hoppers running around, which makes marketing a model of them difficult.

But there weren't ALL that many types. I need to do an in-depth examination of the car type, but just by looking at the data that I could find last night, they can be broken down into four general "types": D&H, N&W, Southern and SAL, The D&H and SAL cars seem to be unique to those roads, but in general, the N&W and Southern cars were copied by everyone else. Details and dimensions changed, but the overall "look" of the vast bulk of these cars mostly fall under those types.

As a topic-stretcher, here's what I was able to come up with as a quick & dirty Seley hopper roster last night:

AB&A - 250 (to ACL)
B&O - 3000
B&M - 100
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. - (unknown)
C&O - (unknown)
Coal & Coke Co. - 275
Cumberland & Pennsylvania - 1500
Deepwater - 500 (to Virginian)
D&H - (unknown; thousands)
Fairmont Coal Co - 1700 (to B&O)
GB&W - 25 (from Virginian)
Island Creek Coal Co. - 200
L&HR - 500
L&N - 250
M&O - (unknown; to GM&O)
NC&StL - (unknown)
Norfolk Southern - 50
NYO&W - 1350
N&W - (unknown; thousands)
RI - 250
Sandy Creek Coal Co. - 300
SLSF - 500
SAL - 300
Southern - 4,600 (also AGS and CNO&TP)
TStL&W - 45 (to NKP)

And here's a few railroads thay MAY have had Seley-type hoppers, but which will require a bit more digging:
Buffalo & Susquehanna
C of Ga
These roads may well have had all wood cars that at a glance "kinda sorta" look like Seleys (by definition, a Seley hopper has to have steel channel outside bracing).

Hope this helps,

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

(as a personal preference, I'd be happy with styrene models of the modified D&H Seleys and with the N&W's HG or HH class cars. Those two have the best chance of selling to the Great Unwashed, and cover the largest groups of cars)

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