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Jon, I think your tanker was a Sunset PRR tank car.  I had one and sold it.


I also have a Globe.  The sheet metal tank is excellent.  Extremely good rivet detail.  Castings are what you'd expect off of a 1949 model.  Rebuilding the coupler pockets was an interesting engineering project.  Trucks had fallen victim to zinc disease but probably weren't worth saving.  Mine cost (in 2012)  
around $50 but I think that it was worth it. 

John B. Allyn

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I regret selling the Globe two-dome tank cars that I had a few years ago.  Have not found any more anywhere.  HO needs a two-dome tank car.

    I have a brass 2-dome tank and I just don't remember who made it.  Was a no box Ebay purchase long ago.  Think it was Sunset but don't remember.  It seems to be correct for size (8K?) and I put a picture with it, SHPX 84.  Most details seem correct except for the rivets, picture shows two rows in center and model has four.
    As to the Globe cars.  Seem to remember that these were actually accurate cars which is probably why you can't find any.  Ebay used to have some and they went for high prices.

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