Re: Lead shot in flat cars

Tony Thompson

Ben in Denver wrote:

Lead can be dangerous to our health but limited exposure  surgical gloves, breather masks and good habits with plenty of hand-washing can help.  Working with lead should only be done on a disposable surface.  Most important NEVER MELT LEAD!

       The problem with lead is the oxide, which coats the surface. It's the oxide which, if ingested, your system can process and take on board. You want to wash that off your hands as soon as you finish handling the metal, and keep your hands away from your face until you can wash. Ben's advice on gloves is good.
       But why not melt it? The vapor pressure of liquid lead is astonishingly low, and thus "lead vapor" poses no danger--for all practical purposes, there isn't any. But you still need to treat any molten metal with respect.

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