Re: double sheathed & single sheathed - most common in the early 1950s

Larry Kline

The photo of AB&C 27061 with a 1940 reweigh date in the Goolsby’s AB&C book is apparently also the photo in the September 2008 Seaboard-Coast Line Modeler.

I may have missed a reference in this thread, but I don't think anyone has mentioned a photo of the one of the 22 ACL survivors were “rebuilt steel” in the early 50s.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

Al Brown wrote:
ACL got USRA SS *originals* at the end of 1945, by merging the AB&C. These cars were numbered ACL 26000-26189, but received no ACL class until the 22 survivors were “rebuilt steel” in the early 50s. The rebuilds became class O-28. (See RP CYC 17 and discussion earlier tonight.) The AB&C USRA SS cars, AB&C 27000-27199, had been AB&A 27000-27199 until a name change in 1925. Goolsby’s AB&C book has (p 220) a photo of AB&C 27061 with a 1940 reweigh date, which shows the paint scheme; another photo (p 73) shows two 27000-series cars behind the motor car of the Waycross & Western. 

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