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Tony Thompson

Ron Gager wrote:
I am Ron Gager  NMRA British Region Asst. Mktg. Co-ordinator
I am passionate about collecting (& researching) HO  40 foot and 36 foot wood and steel sided reefers and box cars with billboard sides.  I may have as few 50 ' ones too.  I am less interested if they have a railroad line's name or inignia on.  The  "X" codes (leased ones) eg URTX are well documented on Wikipedia.
I have all the relevant books I can find but do wonder just how many of these liveries are authentic?  How can I tell?
Several in my collection of several hundreds have no running number but a good livery representing a known company.  These, I suspect, never existed in the real world.
Can anyone enlighten me on these two points please?
    Ron, the best single source is the book, "Billboard Refrigerator Cars," by Richard Hendrickson and Ed Kaminski. It certainly does not include EVERY billboard scheme -- I doubt it has been possible to reach that level of documentation, almost since the cars were painted -- but it has an awful lot.
     You will certainly discover that there are bogus paint schemes on some models, and in many cases the colors used on models are imaginary, as we don't have documentation of the original colors in most cases. That issue too is discussed in the book.
      Yes, it was published by Signature Press.

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