Re: Rosters for USRA single sheathed boxcar and steel rebuilds


To expand on this (dates are ORER publication dates so data is 3 months before)

X26 on PRR roster

oct 54    421
April 56    61
oct 57      48
oct 58      15

I have not transcribed more recent data

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The PRR received 9,900 of the 25,000 USRA SS boxcars built. 
The PRR numbers are from PRR equipment lists at the PA State Archives:
(Its in the ORERs too but there are multiple PRR number series)
Yes there were 5,919 X26 USRA SS boxcars in service in 1-1951 and 2,198 X26 cars in service on 1-1953.
The PRR X26c (steel rebuilds) numbers from the equipment lists are: 1-1951: 3010,  1-1953: 3393

I am also interested in 1951-1953 so I didn't look up quanities for steel rebuilds for later years.

Larry Kline
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Jeff Aley wrote:
Are you saying that in 1951, the PRR h ad ~6000 USRA SS cars? Is this number for unmodified cars only, or does it include all of the upgrades?  For your second file (the rebuilds), do you have the qtys over time (as you have in the first spreadsheet)? In particular, I'm interested in 1951 - 1953.

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