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Three such books come immediately to mind.  Two from Morning Sun, one about tank cars with underframes, the other about tank cars without underframes - both all color, of course.  Speedwitch Media's Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual, Volume Two:  Tank Cars is darned good but all black and white.

Why do we call such photographs "black and white" when they are mostly shades of gray and little or no actual black or white?

Gene Green

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 This is the first message.  If you reply, it worked.


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With all the good photo books coming out these days, hasn't
someone put out an album of tank cars? That won't prove that
some scheme, offered in pre-painted models or decals, DIDN'T
exist, but it would be a useful guide to things that DID. Taken
together with an Equipment Register, it could even enable
modelers to select the more representative ones to include on their

Alex Schneider

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