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Nathan Obermeyer


I appreciate the assistance with the Red Caboose 103W tank car.  Reading over the messages there is talk of Speedwhich tank car models.  I looked at their website, but there are no models listed to speak of.  Is there a list of what models Speedwhich produced/s?  Do they produce a more common 103W or a 105 tank then the Red Caboose model?  Thanks,


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On Nov 2, 2013, at 10:45 AM, Nathan Obermeyer wrote:

> I'm considering purchasing one of the Red Caboose 10K gallon 103W tank
> cars for the UTLX or GATX paint schemes.  I'm hesitant to purchase the
> car without doing research on which paint schemes are correct -
> particularly since Intermountain is selling the RTR models and they
> are less than steller about accurate paint schemes.  I looked through
> the archives and noted discussion on the UTLX cars being accurate, but
> they require extra bands and a date of 1951 instead of 1949 which is
> on the model.  Are there any photos of these cars?  I believe the 
> series listed is 49000-49499.  Are the GATX cars correct? 

The R/C/ model is based on USAX tank cars built by ACF circa 1949. They
also closely match other prototype cars built by ACF for SHPX
16754-16773 (1-52), JTBX 17-18 (4-52_, and SL-SF 19100-191129 (8-49).
UTLX had a single car 84999 built by ACF 10-48 and 39000-39499, 500
cars built ca. 7-51 that are similar. The tank saddles are a little
different as are the pressure valve positions in addition to having 4
bands instead of 2.

The UTLX 49000-49499 were built at the same time as 39000-39499 but
were 12,000-gallon ICC-103W. Nate, I'll send you a scan of the ACF
builder's photo of UTLX 39150.
Ed Hawkins

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