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Nathan Obermeyer


Note taken for the designations.  I appreciate the list of other ICC 103 cars. 



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An answer and some additional points.  Speedwitch released a North American Tank car Co (NATC) car and was working on a General American (GATC) Type 30 tank car, which AFAIK was not released prior to Ted's withdrawl from the market.  With Ted's re-entry, both may show up again <G>.  Both were riveted cars from the 1930s with many cars lasting into the 1950s and later.

You are using ICC designations for tank cars.  These fail to account for the builder of the tank car and thus are not as useful as builder and model designation.  For example both Speedwitch cars are ICC 103 cars but they are very different in appearance.  The Intermountain car (AC&F Type 27), the LifeLike/Walthers car (AC&F Type 21) the Sunshine UTL X-3, Southern Car and Foundry's Standard Tank cars and several others are also ICC 103s.  Since these different cars have different spotting features, simply referring to them as "type 103" is not as helpful as using the builder and model.  

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I appreciate the assistance with the Red Caboose 103W tank car.  Reading over the messages there is talk of Speedwhich tank car models.  I looked at their website, but there are no models listed to speak of.  Is there a list of what models Speedwhich produced/s?  Do they produce a more common 103W or a 105 tank then the Red Caboose model?  Thanks,


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