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The D&H originally bought 6000 Seley hoppers from ACF in 1906-7. They came in twin, triple and quad configurations. When delivered, they looked like hopper-bottom gons, but in the mid 1920's the side sheathing below the slope sheets was cut away, and they then looked like hoppers. 

The Seley design is credited to C.A. Seley, Mechanical Engineer for the Norfolk and Western, circa 1900. 

The D&H cars were delivered with Archbar trucks, that were later upgraded to Andrews and Bettendorf. The cars all went through multiple re-buildings over the years, with AB brakes, Ajax boxes, some conversion from clam shell to saw toothed hopper bottoms, etc. After WWII, some also had their wooden sheathing replaced with steel. 

In 1950 The D&H still had 2380 Seley twins, 1095 Seley triples, and 151 Seley quads in revenue service. Most were gone by the end of the decade, with a few still in MOW service into the 1960's.

More than any other, the composite Seley hopper car was THE CAR most closely associated with the Delaware & Hudson Railroad Corp. in the first half of the 20th Century. 

Matt Forsyth

Forsyth Rail Services

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Hi guys,

There's a builder photo of SLSF 80899 in the ACF builder's photo collection, and a builder's photo of SLSF 81000 in the January, 1910 issue of the Franklin Institute Journal (as part of a larger article about steel in carbody designs by C.A. Seley). I haven't been able to track down any decent in-service shots of Frisco cars yet.

As for Southern cars, there are two in the ACF collection: Southern 105300 is an early car with "wood ends", and CNO&TP 283625 is a later build with "steel ends" (this terminology needs to be changed to "steel or wood end POSTS; all Seley hoppers had vertical steel end plates). Decent broadsides of cars 282396 and 282753 recently floated through eBay.

Since we're on the topic, does anyone know where photos of the L&N Seley hoppers are hiding? I have elevation drawings for the larger of those cars, but no photos.
 Hope this helps!
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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Does anyone know where one can locate early photos of the SLSF and Southern Seley hopper cars?


SOU Seley hoppers were covered in the Fall 1992 issue of the SRHS publication Southern rails with photos and reconstruction drawings of the earlier cars ; I believe this issue may still be available from the SRHA which acquired the remaining copies after the two societies merged.  

I have seen a photo of a Frisco car somewhere but for the life of me I can't think where that might have been.


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