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CORRECTION - Shipping will be USPS Large flat rate box. $16.95 to U.S. destinations, higher elsewhere.

Bob E

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My interests have changed, and my time is occupied with other things, so it's clear that I won't be building this collection of Westerfield 1920s-era kits any time soon. So I'm offering them for sale at a reduced price so that maybe someone will give them more attention.

These are the older flat-cast kits, not the newer kits with one-piece bodies.

10 kits for $100, plus postage for USPS medium flat rate box. List is below.

I don't visit this group frequently, so if you're interested, please contact me by email.

Bob Edmonson

The kits:

1302 XL Box Car PRR Union Line

1351 Mod. XL Box Car Pennsylvania

1401 BX-Z Box Car Santa Fe

1601 HP Hopper Car Norfolk & Western

1701 B-50-1 Box Car Southern Pacific

1718 B-50-2 Box Saftey Appl. Chicago & Alton

2406 PSC Hopper, Pittsburg & Buffalo

4310 6' Door 36' Fowler Box GTR 107100 Series (1918)

4452 40' Fowler Box Car MODN CStPM&O (Omaha)

7312 B-50-9 Box Car 1913 PDN Chicago & Alton

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