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Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:


I have a 50 ft GN single sheathed box car I built from the early castings. The floor broke into two pieces but did so cleanly, and I repaired it, and the car has held up perfectly well for 20 years. The castings are brittle and can be tough to drill (I think I broke a bunch of #80 bits, but it was one of my first resin kits.)

      I had an experience very similar to what Tim describes. I built the Westerfield UP auto car, and it fell to the floor )a short distance from my staging at the time) and broke into about five pieces. Someone once described the dark gray resin as "glass brittle" and that's a good term. As is the case with glass or most ceramics, you can easily glue everything back together if no pieces are lost or too small to deal with. I reassembled my UP car with CA and you would have to search to find the hairline of the crack. And like Tim's model, my car is still fine today. So the "super brittle" material isn't ALL bad.

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