Re: 3-Dome GATX Type 30 Tank Car from Tangent

Tony Thompson

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

There are two solutions.  First, wait for Tangent to issue GATX cars with ‘40s paint and lettering, which they definitely intend to do.  Second, buy an undecorated model, paint it black, and letter it with the decal set from Black Cat (a.k.a. Al Ferguson in Winnipeg) which is currently under development and should be available in a week or two.  I’m currently in the process of doing exactly that, and soon after I get the decals I’ll be able to post a photo of the model. 

      There is a third solution. The "1958" Tangent model has the post-1945 GATX paint and lettering, but a 1958 reweigh date. Simply patch over that date and put any earlier date to suit your modeling era. I've just done exactly that.

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