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Here's a link to the general arrangement drawing for Erie 90115:

I don't have a photo of this car, but I do have one of the next series, 90648, in the 100th Anniversary display train, a car built in 1949, with the big, black-center diamond.

               ....Mike Del Vecchio

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Clark Propst asked:
"I’m looking at modeling a box car with a particular load. I found several cars in my documentation carrying that load (dried milk). There are two cars I can’t find any info on. They are ERIE 90115 from series 90000-90499 and GN 52928 series 51000-52999. Need to know it they’re something that could be, or has been modeled."
I'll take the easy one - GN 52928 series 51000-52999 is a "1937 AAR" DS boxcar.  HO scale models by Sunshine (18.4-18.5) or Athearn.
Ben Hom

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