Re: weathering issues

Tony Thompson

Brian Carlson wrote:

I have two persistent weathering issues. 1) tank cars and 2) weathering removal when overcoating with a flat finish.

 1)      I like to use powders when weathering (Pan Pastels, Bragdon’s powders, etc) as opposed to paint. But I can never get the weathering look I want on tank cars. What is the most effective look to get the “overall grunge look” often seen on the lower ½ to 1/3 of the tank course and frame.  There are too many nooks and crannies to get a convincing look using pan pastels in my attempts. Do most of you use paint? How about weathering the tank and frame separately before final assembly anyone do that?

I typically use dullcote and often I’ll lose much of the weathering when spraying the car. How do y’all avoid that?

        As you may know, Brian, I prefer washes of acrylics for weathering generally and especially for tank cars. I do use Bragdon powders, and they seem to stay pretty well where they are put, but my primary weathering is the acrylics. You can double-coat the bottom sheet of tank cars to get that look you describe.
        And of course the acrylic dries and doesn't blow away when spraying with flat.

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