Re: Save the Date: St. Louis RPM, August 8-9, 2014

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:

I agree, although the number was over 400 in the best years. But the economy (for us non-retired folks) probably has more to do with the decline than any other reason.

     I think you are right that the persistently slow economy is a factor. But I used to chat with Patricia Lofton at every Naperville, and talk about attendance, so I feel confident in saying that there was only one meeting over 400, and that just barely over. Many were in the 350 range. 
     A more serious factor is quality of the presentations. I do believe it has slipped under Joe Delia's regime. Martin worked hard to recruit new and interesting speakers every year, and I have the impression (though not the certain knowledge) that Joe is not doing this. Today, I would say that Cocoa Beach has a better overall speaker corps than recent Naperville meetings.

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