Re: St. Louis RPM Thursday Events

Douglas Harding

Tim recent studies show that the young no longer use Facebook, if they ever did. They use Twitter and other social media to connect. And who knows what the next trend will be. Many established groups and organizations are struggling to attract younger members to replace or supplement older and established members, be it churches, fraternal organizations, clubs, etc. While success can be found in certain situations, no one has found the magic answer to connect with or attract the young.


As to attendance at Naperville, I too thought attendance was down slightly from previous years. There were faces noticeable absent, some who have done presentations in past years, but not this year. Many of us cheered when Joe added email and website to the Naperville event, but I have not found it a tremendous asset to date, beyond a website with information now available that before could only be gotten when you registered. As one who has attended many Naperville events and who has done presentations some years, I know Joe has my email address on file. But it has not been used contact me or solicit a presentation. I remember Martin mailing out a letter to past presenters to see if they wanted to present that year.


I don’t have an answer, if I did my churches would be much stronger.


Doug Harding

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