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hubert mask

I have not posted them on the site yet.  However they are $4 each. Both for red and black    Send check to the Address listed on the site or contact Chad.  Specify which set you wAnt for the red or black   

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Are these available from Mask Island or Chad?  I couldn't find them listed on the Mask Island web site.
Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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Allen, if they are Southern RR decals try Hubert Mask at Mask Island.  He recently made the flat car decals for the Chad Boas flat cars in both roman for black and red as well as the more modern block styles (They will now be included with the kits, I understand).  We will eventually have the covered hoppers both the LO and the airslide done by Hubert as well.  And he has done a great job wit the SR boxcars.  One set can do from 1925 through 1960.  This includes both monograms, 1937 and 1945 as well as the Southern in 18" letters.
If you are looking for other roads....GOOD LUCK!
Unfortunately a lot of modelers have become tired of waiting for Jerry.  Too bad
Fenton Wells

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I have been waiting for decals from Jerry Glow which I paid for last May.  I cannot get him to respond to emails.

Any suggestions on how I might reach him to get what he owes to me would be greatly appreciated.

Fenton Wells
5 Newberry Lane
Pinehurst NC 28374

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