Re: Save the Date: St. Louis RPM, August 8-9, 2014

Douglas Harding

Having attended Naperville, Cocoa Beach and St Louis, the one thing St Louis is short on is the number of clinics offered, and they are offered only once. The facility is great for display, the people and vendors are there. Naperville is known for its clinics (and in the past the ability to purchase Sunshine kits). Only in the last two years has the vendors been there more than one day. Cocoa Beach has good clinics and it is Florida in January, Oh and hot cookies if you hang with Mike Brook (what a price to pay for a cookie). Both locations are tight on room size for some clinics and they run multiple clinics at the same time, though each clinic is offered more than once.


John if you expand the clinic schedule get your presenters to commit to presenting twice, and run concurrent clinics.


Doug Harding


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