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I've wondered if there was an industry term for that stepped side sheet -- a few roads purchased hoppers using this contour.  The DL&W had two- and three-pocket versions, plus the four-pocket version via B&M. The photo on eBay is a great image, an example of what modern digital processing can do with some vintage fims.
Sunshine Models produced a two-pocket coal hopper of this design that it called "chisel side," for IC, E&LS and one of the GB&W component roads.  I ordered one, but the check was returned.
If anybody has one to spare, kit or built for any road, I'm still shopping.
               ....Mike Del Vecchio

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would this DL&W offset hopper be classified as an "Advisory Mechanical Committee"
design, or something else?

Based on the shape of the pressed side panels between the bolsters and corner posts, I believe the car would aptly fall into the Enterprise design. This design used "stepped" side sheets to transition from the bolsters to the co rner posts. This design is discussed & illustrated in RP CYC Vol. 25 along with the A.A.R. and A.M.C. designs for comparison. 
Ed Hawkins

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