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Armand, Mike, I can help you both better understand how the cars traveled in
service for the Barrett Company. First, as has been pointed out by Mike, one
should remember that the cars did not go into service until the very late 1940s,
so someone modeling the traffic is going to have to understand that this very
interesting and colorful car came on the scene a bit late in time.
The cars were loaded in Wisconsin, don't know where exactly, but the present
day traffic comes to the Chicago area on the CN (WC). During the time remit of
this list, it may have been the C&NW that was bringing them to Chicago area, but
they were holding them on a lease track for Barrett at the C&NW 40th. Street yard
in Chicago until billing furtherance was received by the railroad for movement to
a Barrett roofing manufacturing plant. As can be seen in Mike's list below, it
seems that a slate quarry in Vermont was also producing the graduals for Barrett,
that makes a lot of senses because it was desirable to have different colors to
make the different colored roofing shingles. The billing of the cars to Blue Island
(that would be to the IHB agent) also would be in line with the regular practices of
the day, the IHB having received billing furtherance or holding instructions for the
car and being in a perfect position to interchange the car to any Chicago railroad.
From what I know about the Barrett Companys' operations most of the roofing
products manufacturing plants were in the heartland or eastern part of the US,
indeed one was in Chicago on the Illinois Northern. I doubt any of the cars went
farther west than Kansas City or so, if they even had any operation at all there?
Now it's kinda fun to know that some would be on the Rutland, and the cars were
not doubt moving eastward to another Barrett plant in NJ, as they did have one
there, but I think I would not want to overdue it and have too many of them? But
it looks to be a fun kitbash car.

Jerry Stewart

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This is what Andy pulled from his records, it is from Jan, Feb & Mar 1953. This batch was the only one he has checked so far. They were interchanged between D&H and Rut at Rouses Point.

1/7, BMX843, fr Poultney, VT to Chicago, IL, Slate Granuals
2/5, BMX803, fr Poultney, VT to Chicago, Il, Slate Granuals
2/22, BMX803, fr Blue Island, Il, to Poultney, Vt, mty
3/3, BMX803, fr Poultney, Vt to Chicago, Il, Slale Granuals
3/24, BMX860, fr Blue Island, IL to Poultney Vt, mty
3/31, BMX860, fr Poultney, Vt to Chicago, Il, Slate Granuals

Remember, these cars did not go into service until 1949.
Hope this helps,
Mike Evans

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Mike,Your article brought out my aborted effort to build this car.It was back on the shelve waiting to be finished or tossed.Your excellent article gave my feeble attempt new life.Thank you. You mentioned the routing of these cars over the O&LC.I have a rather sizable collection of Rutland wheel reports dating back to 1942 and have yet to find any of these cars on any of these consists.If you have some dates to help me narrow my search I would be very appreciative.BTW your layout also expresses your skills as an outstanding modeler.Armand Premo
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Guys, thanks for all the kind words on my Barretts cov hop article, it is appreciated.

I am trying to find out more info on the routing of these cars, if anybody has any info.

From interchange reports I know some of them were routed from the D&H to the Rutland RR at Rutland VT, up the Rut, across the OL&C div, on to Chicago. The Bob Collins color photo shows one going south on Richmondville hll, and I have read here that some showed up on the PENN.

I am not even sure if Barretts used all the granulated slate for themselves, or if the sold them to other roofing mfg.

Thanks for any info,
Mike Evans

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