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Armand Premo

    John Allen  once showed us a boxcar that he had rigged up to simulate a hot box.He often put it in trains for guest operators.It consisted of a ramp and a  metal ball-.A small red light was hidden under the car.If the car was handled too roughly coupling or in a train,the ball would be dislodged and would roll down the ramp completing the circuit .The light would come on indicating a hot box.Armand Premo---- Original Message -----

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I love the eggs, and wet corn placards!

An explosives placard is included in the set of placards Richard Hendrickson
designed for Microscale. I used that placard on a box car that was to be used
on the club layout for delivery to mining and quarry operations.

Tim O'

Rich Townsend was intending to send the placards to me. I've recently written two blog posts about placards for house cars (I supply a link to the second of these below; it also contains a link to the first one), and Rich was adding more.

Tony Thompson 

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