Re: New York Central Milk Car

Craig Bisgeier

> Hi again folks

> I've been looking hard at photos of the Railworks NYC milk car I found online, and I have a question: It appears that there is a metal plate with two vertical grab irons on it covering up the lower 40% or so of the center doors.  At first I thought these were reinforcements of the doors but on close examination it appears to be a single panel. The detail below it seems to suggest that it could be hinged at the bottom edge to swing down and out of the way, possibly to a 90 degree angle making what might be a platform of sorts?  At any rate, it appears that it would be in the way of moving things in and out of the car if left in position... Am I seeing this correctly?  Any opinions or factual answers greatly appreciated.
> Craig Bisgeier
> Clifton, NJ

  Having swung enough full 40 qt. milk cans into a cooler, out of a cooler and/or onto the back of a truck and then unloaded them at a creamery ("country station" in milk parlance) in my life I strongly suspect that all you are seeing is some sheet metal applied to the lower part of the doors to prevent them from being beat up too badly by folks swinging cans into or out of the milk cars. You see the outside of the doors. My money says the inside probably had the same treatment for the same reason. It was sometimes found on the wall beside the small can door at creamereies as well, or there was a piece of angle iron put over the vertical corners of the door frame.

Cordially, Don Valentine - still a farmer at heart.

Thanks Don, I expected that as well - except on close examination there is no apparent gap in the plate where the doors meet at the center, indicating one of two things: Either the plate has to swing down to allow the doors to open (if the open outward) OR there is a rather glaring mistake in the Railworks model....

I'm inclined to think it's a mistake as your explanation seems far more likely.

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