Re: caboose identification

Tony Thompson

Denny Anspach wrote:

I am reviewing inventory, and I have come across a very nicely-finished Red Ball caboose (K-21) whose prototype I cannot identify: 

38 feet long,
Outside braced (cast metal), 
Center cupola, 

The model was finished in about 1955-8 by the late Fred Cribbins in Menlo Park, CA.  He was very prototype-minded, so it is mysterious that it should be neatly lettered S.P. 6954 (I am unaware of center cupola outside  SP cabooses, but there is a lot about the SP that I do not know....).

       The only outside-braced SP cabooses I can think of were on the SPdeM and were made from box cars. And SP Pacific Lines cabooses were never numbered anywhere near as high as 6954, so one suspects a deliberate number choice by Mr. Cribbins NOT to suggest it was really an SP caboose.

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