Re: Gulf Refining tank cars in 1929

Ian Cranstone

You may well be right about the dome Richard -- I note that some other cars in the class show 327 gallon domes (a generous 2%), and my theory is that some of these cars got enlarged domes along the way.  Somewhere around here I have a 1936 issue of Tank Car Capacities, which might be more helpful in this case.

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Hi All: Doesn't look like Pittsburgh had a very strict building code based on the appearance of the building on the hill overlooking the tank cars. The dome on the tank car seems so oversize although I know they were big, this one seems to be huge.  Al Campbell

Standard size (2%) dome for a 10,ooo gal. car, Al, which is what these were.  the running boards at each end of the domes, as well as along the sides, may make the domes seem bigger than they were.

I hate to disagree with Richard, but…

The one car I can read the number clearly on was somewhat larger -- the 1970 Tank Car Capacities volume identifies GATX 30503 as being a 12484 gallon car, with a rather large dome of 535 gallon capacity.

Nice catch, Ian.  I should have looked it up!   I’ll still say, however, that the domes look proportiononal to the tanks.

Richard Hendrickson

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