Re: Gulf Refining tank cars in 1929

Ian Cranstone

On 2013-11-15, at 2:40 PM, Richard Brennan wrote:

I'm not familiar with the "1970 Tank Car
Capacities" volume; Would this information refer
to the 1920s-built (1922?) tank car? ...or a later car with the same number?

The Tank Car Capacities tariff was published periodically (Google has scanned a 1919 edition), and over the years I have been able to locate 4 issues: 1919, 1936, 1960 & 1970.  They are a listing of the fleet car by car, with each car's gallonage and dome gallonage listed.  Think about something about the size of a 1960s Official Railway Equipment Register (8"x10" and about a thousand pages).  They're far more useful than ORERs for most tank car fleets, but very hard to find (and if anyone has any leads, I'd love to hear about it…)

The short answer is that I can't be absolutely sure that these are the same cars by 1970, although 1920s cars lasted a long time in service, with many still around 50 years later.  I'm looking for the 1936 listing, which is almost certain to show the same car.  I think it's likely that this is the same car, given the number and the appropriate gallonage figure, although I now suspect that the dome may have been enlarged later.

I have a 1960s photograph of a GATC car transferred to CGTX, with a massive 622 imperial gallon dome (think 750 U.S. gallons) on a 10,000 gallon tank.

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