Re: L&N ARA 1924 single sheathed boxcar bolster spacing

Eric Lombard


The records I have, based on a series of equipment diagrams are:
L&N     7500-7999, 500, 1930, MTV, 5-6
L&N 12000-12999, 1000, 1924, TCI, 5-0
L&N 13000-13499, 500, 1924, MTV, 5-0
L&N 13500-13999, 500, 1926, STC, 5-0
L&N 14000-14299, 300, 1928, MTV, 5-6
L&N 14300-14599, 300, 1929, PUL, 5-6

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On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 2:51 PM, James McDonald <james@...> wrote:

Dear list,

Could anyone help me with details on which number series of the L&N 1924
ARA recommended practice XM-1 single sheathed cars had 5' 0" striker to
bolster distance, and which had 5' 6"? I've been through all of my
available literature and have come up short. This may have been
discussed here before, but I can't get the site search to give me
meaningful results so forgive me if this is a rehash question.

Thanks and all the best,


James McDonald
Greenbelt, MD.

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