Re: Intermountain alt std twin hoppers (UNCLASSIFIED)

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 14, 2013, at 2:33 PM, Gatwood, Elden SAW wrote:

I have just been drooling over this car. It has been executed VERY nicely. I love the interior detailing, and the delicacy of the grabs and end details. Kudos to all that have contributed data and photos for IM to work with!

I have been seeing all the discussion going on, on the B&O list, on the ex-C&O cars that went to the B&O, but I was wondering if any of you know if IM intends on doing other variants, for other roads, that aren't on the current list?

I am especially interested in the later versions of the C&O, Erie, Montour (i.e., "MTR"), Shawmut, and P&WV cars. Did any of you send IM photos for those?
I echo your comments about the new InterMountain A.M.C. (nee AAR Alternate Standard) hopper car models. In my view the models are exquisite and true to the prototype drawings from which they were derived. Thus far IM has released 16 models having 5 end variants.

After receiving some models on Saturday and taking a look at them, I applaud InterMountain's work and everyone involved in producing the models. The IM product designer did a fantastic job with a very high degree of attention to detail, and the Chinese producer has done an outstanding job executing the design with the tooling, injection molding, assembly, painting, lettering, and packaging. The overall workmanship is exceptional.

In answer to your question about other variants, announcements of any other variants or other lettering schemes must come directly from InterMountain. I know IM has a large number of builder's photos and in-service photos to use for future considerations.
Ed Hawkins

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