Re: Tidewater Southern PS-1 decals

Tim O'Connor


I think you are right. I've never seen a WP car in the number series 36026-36050.
The information I have came from a PS-1 spreadsheet, but I don't know where the info
came from originally.

Tim O'Connor

I don't believe that these cars vacated the TS roster. They are still listed in January 1968 as TS cars. In fact I have seen a couple of these cars on the ground as sheds, there's at least one in Portola (at the high school I think) with TS reporting marks, which to me indicates that they were Tidewater cars to the end.

A new and better set of decals... hmmm that means the cars that I built would have to be redone.

Thanks for the thread.
Steven Bechtold

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