Re: MKT 79000 series boxcars

Ken Roth

Thanks Richard and Tim.  I was thinking War Emergency too, but I didn't see that MKT had any.  The underframe sounds like a cool variation, which together with the yellow paint job is going to be a must-build for me.

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Ken, it looks extremely similar to War Emergency box cars. I don't know
what else it could be.

Tim O'Connor

>In Tom Dill's Southern Pacific in Oregon Pictorial, there is a picture on page 46 of a Katy single-sheathed box with 5/5 dreadnaught ends and Youngstown steel door. It appears to be painted in the Yellow scheme (black and white photo, but lettering is clearly black on light body color). I have the 1950 ORER which says the series is 79000-79157. It's a 10'6" ht, 42 foot length. Does anyone know of drawings or a possible starting point for a kit-bash? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken Roth 

Good call, Tim.  Those 79000 series M-K-T cars had War Emergency single sheathed bodies, but they were rebuilds; the new bodies were installed on 40 ton fish belly center sill underframes salvaged from wood bodied refrigerator cars.  Modeling one would be an interesting - and relatively easy - kitbash using an Intermountain body and the floor and underframe from an Accurail or Tichy box car kit.  I have a photo Ken might find useful and can scan it and send it to him off list.

Richard Hendrickson

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