Re: DT&I 16000-16199 after rebuilding

Eric Lombard

Thanks for alerting me to that reference, Ray. 

Those photos show two of the three configurations for these box cars (as received with 11+ ft inside height with 14-6 door; as rebuilt to 10-3 inside height with 14-6 door). Still looking for a photo as rebuilt 10-3 inside height with 8-9 door opening. Anyone?

Eric Lombard

Homewood, IL

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The book "Wabash/Nickel Plate/DT&I Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment" published by Morning Sun written by James Kinkaid has images of four of these cars.16081 is shown in the middle of page 97. 16190-H is shown on the bottom of page 97. 16191-H is shown on the top of page 98. The end doors of 16192-H is shown in the middle of page 98.
Ray Thibaut

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