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Have you considered Herald King? Their set B-194 does a 40' yellow boxcar with black lettering and their set B-195 does a 40' red boxcar with white lettering. I ordered some a few months ago direct from them and they have them in stock. While most of their sets are mid-late 60's on, they do have a few that fit the time era of this group.

Bill Hirt

On 11/18/2013 10:30 AM, O Fenton Wells wrote:
Maybe Ted is close enough to being back in business to release the MKT decals in black and white as it sounds like a few sets are needed.
Thanks to all who replied
Fenton Wells

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I have assembled the Speedwitch model but have held off painting it because it has the black decals for the yellow car. The yellow scheme is very iffy for my 1955 railroad and I would prefer white decals on freight car red. Maybe we can work out some kind of trade on this group. I was hoping that Microscale made MKT decals for the 50�s but I don�t see them in the catalog so I am hanging on to my black decals until I have some white ones. My fallback position is a very heavily weathered yellow car.

Bill Darnaby

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Does anyone make MKT decals (black lettering) for the yellow boxcars of the 1040's? I'm not familiar with this road and don't know. Thanks in advance for any help.

Fenton Wells

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