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My apologies, I did type the wrong reporting marks! My only excuse is decal fumes from decaling 3 Sunshine NP single sheathed boxcars and starting to decal two Rock Island Rocket Express single sheathed boxcars today.

Holy smoke, Gary, were these the two Rocket Express models you began in February 2007 or are you doing some more? On a more serious note, has any one tried to contact Rocket Express of late? On two occasions since seeing their Rock Island box cars a couple of months ago I have emailed the company seeking ordering information on these models. To date there has been no response. Has anyone else had better luck recently? Additionally, does anyone have any comments on the quality and value of the models?

Should anyone be interested I still have a few of the Wright Trak
SAL V-9 and V-10 ventilated box cars available. Anyone interested can contact me off list. Having built one without wishing to go to Bill Welch's extremes with it the results do not seem to vary to any large degree. Will try to post a few photos of it and the next one in progress as time allows. In all respects I find these to be nice kits of a prototype that is both distinctive and interesting.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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