Re: Opening End Door Boxcars

Tim O'Connor


That's why I qualified my statements with dates. You did not.

Tim O'Connor

   Tim, the 6000 class were delivered, having full size (drive a truck into) end doors. Some were later rebuilt into the 30000 class and as I had stated, had end doors modified by then. You listed the 40-53 time frame. In the thirties (well within the scope of this group and a time you did not mention) a different picture very is present.                                                         Jim Dick - St. Paul

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Jim Dick wrote
> The NP had quite a few. The 6000 and 8000 series readily come
> to mind and I am sure there were more on the NP.

Regarding the Northern Pacific:

You have to be careful with "end doors" because what we usually call
"lumber doors" are listed in the Equipment Register as "end doors".

In 1953 8000-8099 are listed with 1'6" x 1'0" lumber doors.

There is no 6000 series in the 1940, 1950 or 1953 ORER's. This series
was populated in the late 1950's with modern 50' double door cars.
None of the new cars had end doors.

In 1953 there is one series, 4700-4998, 50' steel underframe box cars
(single sheathed) with full size end doors. I'd forgotten about those.

Tim O'Connor

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