who is the maker of the dark brown AB sets that Sunshine used in their kits?

gary laakso

I have installed the major components (air reservoir, control valve and brake cylinder) on 4 Great Northern double sheathed boxcars and one of the plywood sided boxcars that followed them and started installing their connecting wires.  The brown brake components include wonderful bases for the placement of these components.  Does any know who the manufacturer is?  I need to order more sets.
In between the wire work, I have started installing the side grab irons on the new Yarmouth Model Works Northern Pacific trussrod boxcars.  I am using the Westerfield 20” grab irons for the car sides.    When the attention span wanders, there are the 5 Milwaukee single sheathed bodies to work on, the next phase of which will be to add the roof walks. 
Don, the Rocket Express kits are very good and I ordered more so that I have my 4 car set. 
gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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