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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Richard,
How is it you are able to make out the reporting marks on an image scanned at 72DPI? The Fort Collins library photo scan leaves a lot to be desired...
  -  Claus Schlund

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Thanks again.  I looked in the Kaminski book when I got home and I found the builder's photo on p. 66.  Is that what you were referring to?  It's the same car, but a different photo, and a different paint scheme.  The Fort Collins library photo is an in-service photo with billboard DIAMOND lettering.  Cool to see the different schemes. I think this will take you to the Fort Collins shot.  It is printed backwards, by the way (REDRUM - no, wait, that's not it.  DNOMAID, yeah, that's it):
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon
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The Fort Collins (Colorado) Public Library has a nice 1930-era photo of COSX 975, a three-dome tank car.  I don;'t have an ORER from that far back.  Can anyone give me information about the car?  Builder (AC&F?)? Built date? Capacity? Any help is appreciated.

COSX 975 was one of 2 cars built 10-23 by ACF (lot 9643), series 975-976, 50 tons, 3 compartment, 10,000 gallons, ARA Spec. III. I believe the cars later went to SDRX.

This photo was published in the ACF 100th year anniversary book by Ed Kaminski.
Ed Hawkins

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