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CB&Q Class XA-14C and XA-14D 50 ft. auto boxcars were single sheathed cars with end doors. these cars were available from Sunshine Models, but they are probably out of stock by now. CB&Q XA-15B were steel boxcars with end doors. Walthers P2K offered a kit for the XA-15B. All of these cars were on ORERs through the cutoff date for this list.

Nelson Moyer

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50-foot IL PRR class X33A, X38A, X41A; 60-foot X40A (I think it is the A sub-class); 70-foot one-car class X30? (LaFrance ladder trucks)  I am doing this off the top, so I have gotten at least some of this wrong.  There were also end-door auto cars on NKP, LV, GTW?

How much are you looking for, and what services, auto shipment only?

Elden Gatwood

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Many roads, I'm sure but I know for a fact that the Southern had both 40 and 50 foot cars with end doors.

Fenton Wells

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    I am curious what roads (other than SP) had auto boxcars with opening end doors.   I was searching on google and while I saw model images, I was not able to source any prototypical information or articles.   Any and all relevant info would be appreciated.    I also noticed lionel did various road names; curious if they are actually a scale model as their ps cars are...

    With thanks,

    Brad Andonian


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