Clouser Boxcars (branching off the end doors thread)

Rod Miller

In the 70s Bill Clouser produced in O Scale boxcar bodies cast
in epoxy. I was fortunate to obtain both a 40 foot and 50 foot
double door with end door bodies, and now would like to know
what roads had them. My cars are the wood roof walk versions;
the bodies are 10' 6" IH.

In case you aren't familiar with these models, I've uploaded the
Clouser catalog/instruction sheets to Rod Millers Pics in the
Files section. Seeing the cars in person makes me pretty sympathetic
to the recent discussion that cast bodies look better than brass.
Consider that these cars were made almost 50 years ago. The last
page of the sheet (#4) has a catalog of his models at the bottom.

Note that on one of the ends WABASH 72?00? has been written
(page #3).

Sorry to ask such a broad question. Hopefully the historical
information in the sheets will compensate.


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