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The PRR X33/A, X38A and X41A numbers varied all over the place, and I suspect it was because they were welding shut end doors, and converting them to other uses, on a random basis. They are not documented well in the ORERs.

PRR was not looking to spend extra money on end doors for cars that did not absolutely need them, so they only put them on less numerous (sub)classes that needed them for something like this (see attached), and where there was end unloading possible. Cars normally got loaded into double door cars with no end doors.

The floor tubes, that held the chains, for the auto loaders (only), looked like a big pipe with a base plate on it, that stuck down through the floor of the car about 8-12 inches (they vary). They are very visible on cars that had Evans loaders and the like. PRR also had 40-foot cars without end doors that had floor tubes, as well as other classes....but you were asking about end door cars.

The X30 I mentioned did not have floor tubes as far as I know. I don't see them in photos.

Elden Gatwood

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Very interesting. Are any photos of the interior of such cars available on line? I'm trying to figure out what "floor
tubes" look like.

This tabulation is referred to as AAR Bulletin No. 28. The heading of this bulleting indicates that it covers XAR and
XMR types, which apparently differ in that the former were not lined and were not suitable for general loading while the
latter were lines and suitable for general loading. However the table does not indicate which type applied to a
particular group of cars.

Most of the cars listed had auto racks, some had end doors, and a few had both.

Alex Schneider

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If you look in the Official Railway Equipment Register there is an appendix of "Serial Numbers & Description of
Automobile Cars Equipped With Auto Racks" -- Now, this is not a complete list of all end-door equipped box cars, but
there is a column for "Width of End Doors" and scanning down that column you can tell which railroad box car number
series (with auto racks) had end doors.

In 1953 the list is ATSF, CP, CB&Q, CRI&P, ERIE, LV, NYC, SLSF, and SOU. I know this is definitely not a complete list,
because C&O, CN, IC, MKT, MP, NKP, SP, UP, WABASH and WP had end-door box cars too.

Tim O'Connor


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