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Gary Roe

Dave & Ben,
As I recall, the drawing that went with that article was not printed to scale, and was reprinted to the correct scale in a later issue; but don't remember which issue, right off the top of my head.
gary roe
quincy, illinois

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Dave Sarther asked:
"I am searching for some data and photos about the Wabash 40', single sheathed wood, outside braced, door and 3/4 auto cars from WAB series #45400-45999 built in 1926-27. The data I have found so far is from ORER's from 1937, 1954 and 1955. I would like to supplement this information with some photos of cars from the series to complete a model. I also believe that there was an article about these cars in the Mainline Modeler Nov - Dec 1980 issue, Volume 1 No 5.  If you can help me with either photos or shared information from MM please contact me."
There is indeed an article by George Drake in the Nov-Dec 1980 issue of Mainline Modeler plus drawings. Usual warning about working from Hundman drawings applies. See also Bill Darnaby's "Building Resin Kits - a Wabash automobile box car" from the February 1993 issue of Mainline Modeler for a construction article on the HO scale Funaro model.  
Ben Hom
P.S.: "Outside Braced" is not an accurate description of these cars and is not supported by any industry literature.

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